Ratch-It is a fun, challenging puzzle game of matching like colored adjacent blobs.


Match like colored blobs by moving and rotating puzzle pieces.  Swap blobs within special puzzle pieces and destroy adjacent blobs with the explode-a-blob.



- Two grid sizes 4x4 and 8x8

- 45 challenging levels of fun with more on the way!

- 7 speed rounds

- Randomized blocking pillars

- Game Center Leaderboards


if you are skilled enough you can complete all levels for free (no additional fees for extra levels).  The game starts with 3 lives, lose a level - lose a life, each life regenerates in 15 minutes after all 3 lives are lost.


With in-app purchases you can get unlimited lives, turn off ads, and skip unlimited levels if you get stuck on a level.


Ratch-It 3D